About Me

Digital artist Sierra Leitner of Moonbound Studio posing with ghosts, flowers, and moons

Hello my loves!

My name is Sierra Leitner, I am a 27 year old digital artist who is bicoastally local to NY and LA. I love to paint magical gals & their spooky pals 👻

With my work I strive to find that otherworldly place in between haunting and beautiful, and to illuminate the inherent magic within nature.  My paintings provide a window into a world that is full of untold fairy tales and bathed in moonlight; a world overflowing with whimsical landscapes, spooky friends, and plenty of magic.💐✨

I operate my website using drops, so it does not always have inventory posted.
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To learn more about me, you can read my interview on Artrepreneur here

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