What is Moonbound Jewelry made out of?

While they look like painted stones or enameling at first glance, they are actually made from watercolor paintings and epoxy resin! Each month, we design 40 new watercolor paintings on a sheet of watercolor paper. We make prints of this sheet, cut each painting out, and coat each one in a liquid epoxy resin that cures with UV light. They are very durable, and feel almost like glass.


What happens if Moonbound Jewelry gets wet?

Getting water on the jewelry will not cause immediate damage to the painting within, as it is surrounded by resin. Don't sweat it if there is a sudden downpour, or if you spill something on the piece. However, it is important to note that Moonbound Jewelry is water-resistant, not waterproof. Although the front and back of the painting is sealed with resin, the sides of the paper are somewhat exposed. It is fine to get water on the jewelry once in awhile, for example if you forget to take it off before you get in the shower one day. However, repeated exposure to water, especially if the piece is being submerged, is not good for the jewelry. The water can seep into the paper from the sides, and eventually break the paper down over time.