Moonbound Jewelry is made out of individual watercolor paintings finished with resin. Each piece is hand painted by us, each with a different design, so they are all completely one of a kind! They are vibrant, dynamic, and whimsical with dream like themes and landscapes. We also paint and sell wall art in the same design.

We are based out of Westchester, NY, but often travel to out of state craft fairs, as well as in state. Keep an eye out for us!

Our favorite part about the jewelry is that each piece is the only one of its kind in the whole world. We like to think that we paint every piece for someone, we just haven't met them yet. Come check them out and find the piece that was always meant for you 🌙

If you don't see the pendant, earrings, or painting of your dreams here, feel free to message us! We love making custom pieces 🌸

A heads up, because there is only one of each of our creations, the pieces that are on our website do not come with us to the fairs. So, whatever you see on this site will not be available for purchase in person, and vice versa